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In the sequel to our first article on Hot wedding food trends, we take a look at a few more mouth watering ways to get the guests drooling over the food you serve at your wedding:


Mini Tasting Stations Rock- Last year, we saw an interesting trend of mini stations and food trucks make an appearance at weddings and this year this food trend has only becoming bigger. Setting up mini stations that serve creative tid-bits and snacks not only keep the guests happy and filled but are also a great way to showcase fusion cuisine and other offbeat bites. Not surprisingly, chefs are quite gung-ho about setting up such stations at weddings as it allows them to design a special appetiser menu for guests. We suggest having a cheese sampling station, a grilled kebab station or a mini truck devoted to serving samples of a different cuisine like Italian or Mexican.


Mini is the new ‘BIG’- Ever been to a wedding where there were hundreds of lip smacking dishes being served but you could manage to taste just around 5 or 6 of them? Gone are the days when wedding guests wished that they ‘could have sampled that gorgeous mousse’ because mini portions are the new ‘it’. In fact, it works well for environment lovers too because smaller portions mean less food wastage. Guests aren’t complaining about this hot wedding trend because they now get the chance to seriously indulge their taste buds. Think mini for all types of food dishes- mini bowls of hakka noodles, mini tikka skewers, mini appetisers like samosas and even mini desserts like macaroons.


Flamboyance is in the Dish- Your wedding is the perfect stage to enhance your guests’ knowledge about food and that’s a reason why couples are excited at the prospect of having a barista enlighten guests on how to make a real aromatic cuppa or don’t hesitate to call a chef to serve up different kinds of pasta. What couples really want to do is to ensure that the guests are nothing short of mesmerized and a flamboyant food station or food class can do just that and much more. There’s no place for the mundane anymore and dishes with exotic ingredients (the harder to get them, the better) and hard to pronounce names are winning hearts at weddings all over the country. So, yes, this new wedding food trend is destined to stay on for more time.

We hope you liked our article on wedding food trends all around us this year. Drop in with your comments and feedback here.

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