Wedding Gown Shopping Tips For Plus Sized Brides

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How we wish we could all look as drop dead gorgeous as Miranda Kerr or have a perfect silhouette like Priyanka Chopra. Flipping through bridal magazines can be a serious confidence dampener simply because you’re likely to find plenty of pretty women wearing the most gorgeous wedding gowns and looking so slim too. But let’s be a tad more realistic- if you do have a drop dead sexy figure, lucky you, but if you don’t, let us be the first to tell you that you can still find the perfect gown irrespective of your size.


Yes, designers and boutiques are waking up to the fact that many young brides may not have an hourglass figure but can still look like a princess if the wedding gown is the right fit. So, if you plan to go shopping for a plus sized wedding gown, what should you keep in mind?


First, embrace your figure. Most brides go on a crazy diet a few months before the wedding in the hope that it will help them achieve the truly ‘perfect’ figure. Losing weight does require discipline, the right diet and plenty of exercise but accepting that your figure is unique is the first step to finding the right gown. Don’t punish your body or lower your self-confidence by forcing yourself to squeeze into a gown that’s clearly too small or tight for you.


Cap sleeves, strapless and backless gowns are ‘in’ this year but going sleeveless may make your shoulders look wide and draw attention to your arms as well. Cap sleeves and bell sleeves look classy and can be adjusted depending upon the overall style of the dress. If you really want to wear a wedding gown with straps, then opt for thick straps which look on plus sized brides.


Choose your wedding gown fabric wisely because the right fabric will hide any imperfections while showing off your curves beautifully. It may be wise to refrain from wearing a full lace gown and to opt for dresses made from figure gliding materials like satin and silk instead as they look elegant and stylish too. You can also go for alternative wedding dresses as shown here.


Fix your budget wisely. Many brides tend to go overboard when shopping for the right plus sized dress and then regret having spent so much later! Plus sized gowns are likely to be costlier than other more easily available sizes but you’ll find that choosing a simple cut and design will work out to be much more affordable than a heavily embellished one.


Watch out for our next article on the best wedding dress cuts/silhouettes to suit your body shape.|||||||

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