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In a follow-up to our first article on new wedding invitation trends, we take a look at  a few more trends that you should know about this wedding season:


Monogrammed Invitations: If there’s one other detail that everybody ooh’d and aah’d about the famous Will + Kate wedding, it was about the crest which could be spotted on the invitation cards and which added to the flair of the royal wedding. So what if yours isn’t another royal fairytale wedding, you’re well within your bridal rights to feel like a princess on your special day. And that’s why having a monogram with the first initial of your partner’s name and of yours looks so cool. Why not take it a step further and create an actual crest which can be used on even the wedding decor accessories like the plates, napkins and name cards too? It makes for a wonderful keepsake!


Envelope Liners: We bet you’ve never thought that the inside of an envelope could actually be the hottest new spot for some artwork or artistic creativity, but that’s exactly what’s happening to the humble envelope. Floral prints, graphic designs, candid photos and even doodles can be spotted as part of the new trend. Here’s another huge plus factor- you could coordinate the colours used in the envelope liner with your wedding invitation card or even get small details like a monogram or wedding date printed on it. Either way, wasting that much of space would be a real waste!


Geometric Prints: We’re seeing quite a bit of geometrical designs and other artwork inspired by your old school geometry textbook! Here’s why such designs work so well with 2015 weddings. First of all, they are a great option for couples who would prefer to go with monochrome shades; secondly they add a very different flair to the invitation card design and thirdly, they give out a very contemporary feel. You could opt for different geometry designs on the envelope and on the card to create an entirely different look.

We hope you liked our ideas on new wedding invitation trends. Do write in to us with your feedback.

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