Wedding Photography Trends in India

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You would not have the slightest of hesitation to admit that wedding is the most important as well as the most memorable day of one’s life. It is essentially a social custom that that has a charisma of its own and that is why wedding couples try their best to make the event a memorable one not only for them but also for everyone else that become a part of it. It is a ceremony that has all sorts of emotions and people feel happy on one occasion and on very next occasion one can see tears in their eyes. These emotions are worth relishing for the newly-wed couples and they always wish to enjoy these moments throughout their life. Though these memories remain in their minds, they always insist on having great photos.



wedding photographer in India finds a big scope here to show his creativity and constructive frame of mind that he often shows through his work. It is he who has the ability to grab those wonderful moments and make them last till the couples live. The role of wedding photographers in India is becoming more and more challenging these days as the wedding trends in India are showing remarkable amount of maturity these days. The photographers are not supposed to stand with their devices and capture the moments that come their way. Instead, they are supposed to apply their brains to become more creative and candid.


Among the most popular trends in Indian wedding photography are noticing the following changes:

Candid Wedding Photography: This is probably the strongest as well as the best type of wedding photography that can make you feel proud of. The candid wedding photographers, also termed photojournalists,  are extremely talented. They have amazing talent with their camera. They do not create moments, instead they wait for the natural moments as and when they come up. They have a great submissive attitude that brings them the ability to make everyone cooperate with them. They are the torch bearers of creative wedding photography in India as their role is really like a creator who creates the best moments.


Pre-wedding photographs: These photographers do not miss any part of the wedding as it is full of colorful moments and rituals. These rituals start prior to the actual wedding ceremony but they cannot be left unattended. That is why the families prefer professional creative wedding photographers who are really very skilled to capture all the magic moments including ceremonies like Sangeet, Haldi, and many more.


Photo-shoot out: This is another part of modern wedding photography where the photographs feature various moments of the bride and the groom in both pre-wedding and post-wedding moments. These moments show the real talent of the photographers who use their creativity to make those moments.




These photographers have some other responsibilities as well. After the photography work is done, they spend valuable time in editing the stills and videos to make them even more presentable. Making of the album is another responsibility that he takes on his shoulder just to complete his duty before closing an assignment.

Author Bio: Anirban Brahma is a prolific wedding photographer in India who has a wide knowledge of all the photography trends that the Indian weddings usually have. Here, he discusses the various aspects of wedding photography in India  with special respect to the wedding photography trends.

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