Be Your Own Wedding Planner- DIY Wedding Beverages

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Wedding beverages without doubt, play an important role in Indian weddings all over the country. They don’t just quench one’s thirst but also serve as nifty conversation ice-breakers and can even enhance the flavours of the cuisine served. Not surprisingly, couples are willing to splash on bartenders who can concoct unique cocktails and woo guests with their know-how. But if you’d like to take full charge of the wedding beverages served on your special day, here are a few ideas:


Straight from the bottle: Beer is often called ‘a man’s best friend’ and if you’d like to keep things simple, a few cases of beer (serve more than one brand), will win your plenty of brownie points.




Wine: Gone are the days when people thought wine had only one colour- red! Today, you’ll find many great varieties of white, red and rose wines which go well with appetizers and the main course. Though, you’ll also need appropriate glasses to serve them in.




Fruit Punch: If you’d like to stick to only non-alcoholic beverages, a fruit punch which can be enjoyed by guests of all age-groups is a great drink to serve. You could add mini diced fruit for added crunch and crushed ice to beat the heat. Using a variety of seasonal fruits adds plenty of flavour to this simple drink. Top off with mint or lemon.




Cocktails: There’s nothing simple about cocktails anymore- the more exotic the ingredients, the better the taste. You don’t have to serve a variety of cocktails actually because serving a minimum of two will help you keep costs low and also keep a tab on how many drinks are served to each guest. We think you’ll like the cocktail suggestions given here  and if you’d like some more inspiration, check this page  too.




Mocktails: Mocktails are getting more daring and adventurous and make a lovely wedding beverage too. For starters, it’s a drink that can be enjoyed by the young and the old, you don’t have to worry about hangovers and they are seriously yummy (not to forget healthy!). Recipes with milk and chocolate are guaranteed to be a hit with the kids as well. Check out some cool mocktail suggestions here and more recipes here .



The secret behind the best wedding beverages also lies in how you serve these drinks to your guests. Say no to stirrers and yes to garnishing with a petal or a flower, serving in patterned glasses or even using a fruit garnish.

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