Be Your Own Wedding Planner- DIY Wedding Cakes

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If you’re serious about baking your own DIY wedding cake, this should ideally be the last thing to strike off your ‘To Do’ list before your wedding day. But, since a wedding or reception cake is something that everybody looks forward to, it’s not a bad idea to plan how you will go about arranging one for your special day. Here are a few thoughts about DIY wedding cakes:



Customized wedding cakes can be a very expensive affair and bakeries that specialise in creating such works of art, will no doubt be expensive. If, you don’t want your wedding cake to look like a kitchen experiment but would still like to cut costs, we’d suggest picking up a cake from your local bakery. You could even ask them to supply two or more cakes in different sizes and put together your own tiered wedding cake creation.  Leave out any fancy decoration, frosting or fondant and you will have saved yourself a lot of money!



Be honest about your baking skills. Baking a DIY wedding cake at home will undoubtedly be cheaper and will taste fresh, but do you really have the time to bake one on your wedding day? We say it’s best to take the help of an aunt or even your mom to bake the wedding cake for you. It’s not unusual for family relatives to gift a wedding cake to the new couple either, so getting help from family and friends is again a great way to cut costs.




If your heart is set on a wedding cake, make it look pretty by decorating it with ribbons, adding fresh flowers, diced fruits or even highlighting it with a striking cake topper. The right embellishments can make even the simplest of cakes look absolutely gorgeous. On the other hand, if you’d just like your cake to be simple, go for a single tiered cake or even for a ‘naked’ DIY wedding cake. It looks delicious and you will be forgiven for uneven layers or even if the cake  slightly tilts to either side.




Baking a wedding cake can be so stressful. So why not say yes to cupcakes instead? They’re so easy to bake and the best part is you can bake a whole batch in just one go. Add your own secret zing to the recipes with the right dose of icing and you’ll have your guests licking their fingers within minutes!


Next article, we’ll explore DIY bridal wear options. Stay tuned.



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