Be Your Own Wedding Planner- DIY Wedding Photo Booth

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Photo booths are tons of fun and are fast becoming a common sight at weddings across India. Although, hiring professionals to take photographs of your guests would be the ideal decision to make, you can set up a photo-booth at minimal cost with just a little bit of extra effort. Your DIY wedding photo booth can be tons of fun and will work just as well as a professionally set-up one! Here’s all that you need:



An ace camera: Unless a friend or relative is willing to stay all night long at the booth and click away, it’s advisable to go for a basic digital camera which allows you to take timed pictures. If you can borrow or hire a tripod, do so because that will let your guests pose a lot more comfortably as well. You could also have a remote shutter release which allows guests to click when they are ready. You will be able to get this in most camera retail shops. Keep an extra set or two of batteries as well.





The Backdrop: You don’t need a lavish room to set up your DIY wedding photo booth; just a small place in a corner of the wedding venue is enough. But what should get your creative juices flowing is deciding the right backdrop for the photos. Re-create the nightclub era of the 60’s with black fabric dotted with gold and silver sequins or add some hippie magic with a thermocol backdrop featuring psychedelic colours, large fonts and pretty flowers. If you just want to keep things simple, a plain white backdrop will work just as well.




The Lights: Great lighting is important because that adds a real professional feel to the photographs taken. If you want great quality pictures, then hire professional studio lights for a day. Or, you could also place a few bright table-lamps just next to the camera so that the photos have the right glow. Don’t forget to switch on the flash option in the camera too.




The Props: Here’s the fun part! There are no rules when it comes to the kind of props to keep in your DIY Wedding photo booth. Anything goes- wigs, moustaches, handbags, witty sayings, hats, fur sashes, musical instruments, over-sized sun glasses etc. These can be easily purchased at stores selling party goods or if you’d like to add your own twist, you could even make them yourself.

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