Wedding Return Gift Ideas

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If you are busy with your wedding preparations, we can bet on one thing – you still have no idea what to present as return favours to your guests! It is crucial that you put some thought into the return gifts. It is not only a gift from the wedding couple and their families; it is also a memorabilia of the festivities and celebrations. It is also a polite way to thank all your guests for their presence, presents and blessings. Moreover, it is a long standing Indian tradition. In the olden days, return gifting  was limited to the immediate family. In today’s world, it extends to friends and business associates. There is also the matter of budget to be addressed. Since you already have food arrangements made for the guests, we suggest you keep a limited budget and not go overboard with the return gifts. We have compiled a few wedding return gift ideas to help you.

Ganesh Idol

God Idols: You can almost never go wrong with these. There are many varieties available in the market. The best choice would be an intricate Lord Ganesh idol. Another option is Radha Krishna statue. They are a beloved couple and signify the union of the wedding couples as well.

Anything Silver: Coins, diya, incense stand, haldi-kumkum box, etc. are an ideal return gift. All these items hold a special value in Indian tradition. They can be put to use immediately. You can easily stay within a budget with silver items as you can choose the weight of each gift item.


Sweets box: Sweet boxes are traditional return gifts. You can never go wrong with it. But to give it a modern twist, you can consult a bakery. Most bakeries will agree make you some chocolates or a small cake with your picture on it. Macaroons are the in thing right now.

Mini Lanterns: They look delicate and elegant. They can be easily packed. They are also easy to install and be enjoyed by the guests.


Personalised Gifts: The latest trend is personalised return gifts. You can have your picture on mugs, scarves, purses, etc. to present to your guests. These are gifts that last long and keep the memory alive.

Handmade gifts: Handmade gifts are a good way to go environment friendly. These are custom made and so you can use your imagination and order anything you like from batuas, potlis, mobile covers, paintings, wall hangings, photo frames, and the list goes on.

Personalised gifts

Gift voucher: If you still uncertain about the return gifts, the best way is to buy a gift voucher of a suitable amount of a store of your liking. Your guests can go to these stores and choose whatever they like. If the need be, they can even chip in some extra amount to get what they want from the store. займ круглосуточно на карту без отказаонлайн займ без документовзайм на webmoney с формальным аттестатом

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