Wedding Stationery Trends For 2014 – Part 2

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We hope you enjoyed reading our last article on the latest wedding stationery trends of 2014. We’re back with three more wedding stationery trends you’ll be seeing a lot more of this year:


Glitter & Sparkle: ‘All that glitters is not gold’, goes the wise saying but what’s the harm in adding a dash of sparkle to wedding stationery, we ask? Hints of glitter and sparkle work marvellously when used on a pastel background and can make even the simplest of wedding stationery come alive. If glitter is too glitzy for you, then opt for simple sequins as decoration on the borders of the stationery. Your cards will look amazing with just the right amount of sparkle without appearing overdone.


Classic: The classic look never goes out of style and we’ve seen traditional wedding stationery with simple lettering that is devoid of any graphics, appear time and again throughout the years. All said and done, the classic style does have much elegance to it and when hints of damask, monograms or even an unusual font is used; such unfussy wedding stationery takes on a timeless look. Your cards will without doubt look both elegant and eye-catching without looking boring.


Candid Photos: If you thought that candid photography was best saved for the wedding, you couldn’t be more wrong. Couples are now open to the idea of taking a unique and special click which gets featured on all their wedding stationery including on ‘Save the Date’ invites. Getting the right photographer to capture a beautiful moment is just one half of the task, whereas the other half lies in deciding what kind of location and pose works best. Your cards won’t just be attractive, but it’s a great way to pay a tribute to your new relationship as well.


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