Wedding Stationery Trends For 2014

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In our last article, we gave you tips on how to choose the right wedding stationery. In this article and in the next upcoming one, we tell you about the latest trends that you will see throughout the year and which are guaranteed to make your wedding stationery get noticed and talked about. Here are our favourite picks:


Vintage: Vintage weddings, thanks to a spurt of Hollywood movies that were released in 2013, are a much sought after theme this year. That’s why you can make a stylish statement by going with a vintage theme for all your wedding stationery too. Your cards will have a sober yet rich look with minimal designs on them.




Floral: Images of flowers were once considered too girlish, but not this year! Flowers play a very important role in Indian weddings and you can now opt for something simple like a posy or have an artwork of a bouquet on the wedding stationery. Alternatively, if you plan to have a Radiant Orchid themed wedding, why not feature the silhouette or drawing of a few orchids instead? Your cards will have just the right hint of colour yet look graceful and attractive.


Indian Motifs: The use of Indian motifs on wedding stationery is timeless. Images of a bride being carried on a palanquin, a procession of royal elephants, mango designs or of a wedding ceremony itself have been popular for years. If you would like to retain a touch of ethnicity and yet add a modern flair, consider including hints of pearls, lace or damask to the design of the wedding stationery. Your cards will have an aristocratic look and yet the subtle artistic touches will not go unnoticed.


We will be back next week with 3 more trending wedding stationery designs for 2014!


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