Wedding Thank You Gifts For Your Parents

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We all love hearing the words ‘Thank You’. There’s something immensely gratifying about having helped or reached out to another person and to be appreciated for the same. Your wedding isn’t the result of the efforts put in by just you and your partner alone. It’s the result of effective team work and the fact that all the people on board were as enthusiastic about putting together the perfect wedding as much as you. Thank you gifts to family and loved ones on or after the wedding day are certain to put a huge smile on their faces. It needn’t require a huge investment on your part but more often it’s the thought that really counts.


In our next few articles, we will be taking a look at a few wonderful thank you presents you could gift to different people who played different roles on your special day like your bridesmaids and guests. Today, however, we take a look at the best thoughtful thank you gifts to present to your parents and to your new in laws:


A handkerchief is one personal accessory that both sets of parents are guaranteed to hold in their hands and an embroidered version with touching words such as the one below is a great keepsake to use on the wedding day itself and for after.


If you can afford it, gift a piece of jewellery as a thank you gift to your mother and to your mother in law. Designer ties, cufflinks or even a good wallet can be gifted to your father and to your father in law. You can rest assured that such presents will be useful on a number of occasions.


Everybody loves a vacation and it’s an even better surprise when you are gifted one. A great thank you gift to give both sets of parents is a surprise vacation package to a resort or to another travel spot that they are certain to enjoy. An even better idea is to send them on a holiday together so that it creates opportunities for better bonding and more time together.


On your wedding day, you could also create a collage of photographs that were taken at your parent’s wedding and at your in laws wedding too. This can be displayed at the venue where the wedding ceremony is being held or at the reception area too. This thank you gift is certain to bring back wonderful memories of their own wedding day.

We hope you will be back for more interesting ideas on thank you gifts for your near and dear ones.

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