Be Your Own Wedding Planner- DIY Bridal Wear

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Every bride wants to be the centre of attraction on her wedding day. But, if the thought of spending thousands on a gorgeous bridal gown or on a designer lehenga is something you don’t have the budget for, there’s always a second option- DIY Bridal Wear.



Yes, it may sound surprising but brides all over the world these days are much more open to the idea of wearing something more pocket- friendly and using the extra saved cash for an exotic honeymoon and the like. On second thoughts, why not? India loves her weddings and a bride’s trousseau is always a much discussed and dissected topic but considering that you are likely to wear a bridal gown or a bridal sari just once in a lifetime, doesn’t opting for affordable DIY bridal wear sound much more appealing? If that’s a yes, then read on for some great money- saving ideas.




If you truly want to wear something that’s one-of-a-kind, then why not stock up on a few bridal wear magazines, choose the design you like the best, shop in person for the fabric and then get it stitched according to your body measurements? You will not only have a well-fitting garment but you could also choose to embellish it further by adding sequins, rhinestones, lace, brocade and the like to it. Go for the latest cuts and trending colours. Trust us; everybody will want who the designer is!




If you aren’t too particular about going with the latest trends, then you’re certain to find the previous season’s designer bridal collections or even that of the previous year’s retailing at fabulous discounts. However, you will have to visit exclusive designer outlets and visit their retail websites for more information about seasonal sales.




Don’t have any issues with wearing pre-owned bridal wear? Then head to Pre-owned Bridal Wear which is a retail site that allows members to buy and sell pre-owned Indian wear. For pre-owned designer wear options including sarees, head to sites like ebay and OLX.



Online shopping definitely gives retail therapy a new meaning! So, if you have enough time on your hands, head to sites like Indian Wedding Saree which features an interesting range of designer sarees that have been inspired by Bollywood and Bharat Plaza for great discounts and options on Indian Bridal Wear.

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