What Men Look for in Their Partner

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What are the qualities that you look for in a partner? Perhaps, someone who shares the same taste in music or movies, or someone who can make you laugh or stand by you through thick and thin. Each and every human being has their own specific criteria when it comes to choosing a life partner. Our likes and dislikes, personality, childhood experiences gradually shape up the list of qualities we tend to look for in a partner. That’s why the lists are as varied and interesting as they can be. Talking about the qualities people look for in a partner- men are often stereotyped and judged for having a specific set of conditions which do not go much beyond physical features of the fairer sex. But, is this really true? Are today’s men really just after the physical beauty of women or there’s a bigger picture which includes a number of other factors too? Let’s dig deeper into the psyche of modern menfolks and see what’s in there when it comes to things men look for in their partner-

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What Men Look For In Their Partner

1. Fidelity

No prize for guessing that fidelity or faithfulness will always be that one inevitable quality men would look for in their partners. Even in ancient times, it was a priority. It’s still No. 1. Men want a partner who will stand by them through thick and thin. Therefore, no matter how modern they may be, men still find faithfulness one of the most attractive traits of a woman which make her an ideal partner.

2. Intelligence

Girls used to be considered gullible and naive by nature. Once this was a much appreciated feminine trait. However, times have changed. Men no longer find this cute or attractive. Instead, they prefer women with razor sharp intelligence as that is the woman’s strength. Moreover, men feel it is great to have a partner with whom they can discuss everything. From life, economics, politics to sports and, who knows, even molecular biology?

3. Maturity and Emotional Stability

Gone are those days when women used to faint at the sight of blood or a mere spider. Today, women climb Everest, land on Moon and proudly don the hat of CEOs. Men find this maturity extremely attractive. They know that emotional instability is very hard to keep up with while emotional stability is such a reassurance. And maturity comes naturally to those women who do a fine balance between their emotional and logical self.

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4. Higher Education

With time, men have come to realize the importance of having an educated partner. They no longer feel threatened or intimidated by a highly educated and accomplished woman. In fact, recent studies have shown that the urban men want their women to be equally talented whom they can proudly introduce to their social circles.

5. Pleasing Character

Quite contrary to the popular belief that moody, loud girls with attitude issues rank higher in the popularity list than serious, boring girls; men tend to reject women who are grumpy or nagging and unpleasant. A pleasing disposition makes a woman attractive in the eyes of men. Women who do not go about throwing tantrums at the drop of a hat score better than those who wear their “girly tantrums” on their sleeves. Now, that’s quite a revelation!

6. Manners and Empathy

We are not talking about impeccable table manners only, but, mannerism as a whole has always been considered a classy quality in partners. Add empathy to it. Today’s urban men are quite aware of their social responsibility and the world issues. So, if they see a woman behaving rudely with a waiter or the driver, it won’t fetch her good marks in their books. Men love women who are empathetic towards the world and their surroundings; who offer help to those who need it the most; who are not afraid to stand for a cause. Being sensitive is a huge quality men love to see in their women.

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7. Sociability

Women who don’t shy away from the world are perfect for most men. Sociability is a trait most men adore and girls who do it with elan are a sure winners. There’s nothing like walking to a party with your partner who knows how to socialize without overdoing it or being the odd one out. As men have to move in the social circles, they need women who will honour their social image and not stop them from going to parties.

8. Good Health

Because everybody wants to pass on the best gene to their next generation. Seeking a healthy partner comes naturally to many species on earth. So, men are right to look for women who take great care of their health. Of course, good health is a primary factor for a long-lasting marriage. Therefore, men love to be with a woman who are well-aware of her health and take great caution at staying healthy. So, if you are one who is obsessed about her morning jog, it’s time to be proud.

9. Ambition

Another welcome shift in men’s perspective. Men are not afraid anymore to be with women who are driven. It’s a quality men are drawn to these days. Women who are passionate about their life goals and continuously working towards it make great partners after all. Because it’s all about commitment. And that notion is gone which used to portray ambitious and careerist women as not-marriage-material. On the contrary, they know how to balance it all better than those who are less driven.

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10. Desire for Family

This is the most logical demand on men’s part. After all, what’s the point in marrying someone who is the least interested in having a home and family? So, besides having all those qualifications of being a perfect woman, men want their partner to have the desire for babies and family after a certain age.

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