What You Should Know about Gift Giving Etiquette in India

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While weddings are always fun, it is the gifting part that often gets in the way. There are so many questions which put us into serious trouble -often confusing us and making us indecisive about several important things related to gifting etiquette. How to choose the right gifts? When do we give the gifts? Who all to gift? How to gift? Where to do so? What should be the budget for the gift and so on! This list of questions goes on….Here is your chance to put an end to this prolonged dilemma. This article has every frequently asked questions regarding gift giving etiquette in India.

1. I am not sure about choosing the right gift. Also, I do not have the time. Can I give money?

Of course, money is one of the most common and most useful gifts -no matter where you are on Earth! So, whenever you are not sure what to gift or feel you are running out of time, opt for money, gift vouchers or gift coupons .

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2. How to determine the amount? How much money is customary?

There is no such customary rate chart for wedding gifts. It’s your proximity with the bride and/or groom that, most often, determines the amount. As there can be no upper limit when it’s about giving money as wedding gift, you can go by your wallet and heart’s desire.

3. What if I am invited along with another guest?

When you are not going alone, it is good to increase the amount of the gift/money. Of course, the couple have to spend on two instead of one. So, it is customary to determine the amount accordingly.

4. I am in a group. Should I give a separate present?

Usually, when you are invited along with your group, each member of the group contributes to create a joint fund for the gift. Therefore, if you are going to attend the wedding with the group, contribute in that fund. It is hassle-free and good for the wallet as the cost will be shared.

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5. It’s the wedding of a family member/relative. Is it compulsory to give gold or jewellery?

No, it is not. At some part of India, gifting gold has been a tradition. But, there’s no hard and fast rule.

6. I am also invited in engagement, mehendi and reception. I don’t want to overspend. What to do?

Break the total gift amount in three parts in this way –
Engagement – 20%
Haldi – 10%
Mehendi – 10%
Wedding – 60%

6. The bride/groom is my BFF and I want to do something different. Is that okay?

DIY gifts is the latest trend in India. So,  create something of your own or buy a special gift or something that you know they always wished to have.

7. I feel awkward to slide the envelope in front of others. What to do?

You can give it to the parents of the bride/groom who knows you in person. Or else, you may introduce yourself and request them to give the envelope to the bride/groom when they are free.

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8. What to do if the card mentions ‘No gifts, please.”? Can I go with flowers in that case?

‘No gifts’ means they are expecting you to come empty handed. But, of course, flowers make great gifting options in such cases.

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