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Winter is just around the corner and that means so are winter weddings! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a look at different ways to jazz and spice up your winter wedding irrespective of whether you plan to have it in your city or abroad. Today in our first article, we’ll take a look at the best winter wedding cakes to have this year and share a few ideas on how to bring the festive season in beautifully. Plus, since it will be the holiday season soon, it makes full sense to talk to your baker at the earliest and book your order well in advance, to avoid any disappointments later.


Irrespective of whether it really snows on your wedding day, winter colour favourites include pure white, silver, mistletoe green, cherry red, ice blue and midnight blue. On the other hand, just because yours is a winter wedding, it doesn’t mean that all the colours of Christmas need to make an appearance on the cake. If you choose to have a white or an ivory coloured cake, make the tiers look more eye-catching with trimming done in red or leaf green. Cakes done up in a dark shade like midnight blue and decorated with silver sugar balls look very pretty. Adding a mistletoe leaf or two to a cake with ruffles or a self-design, will also look classy. For cake toppers, go with figures that are dressed in Indian wear.


If you are having a church wedding that will be held sometime around Christmas, then you have plenty of options to dress up your cake in an elegant manner that celebrates both your wedding and the much loved festival that’s just around the corner. We suggest using little add-ons like snowflakes, pine cones and even snowmen made of fondant for added effect. Even if you choose to go for an all- white cake, you can be assured that these add-ons will show up beautifully. A cute reindeer or two wouldn’t hurt either we think!


Trending cake flavours keep changing every year and if you are getting married in a cold place, why not keep your guests warm and happy by going with traditional winter flavours? Plum cakes made with real rum are quite popular and so are spice cakes filled with caramel. Chocolate cinnamon cakes with orange peel bits and cakes with brandy are winter favourites too.  However, if you do choose to go for a cake with alcohol in it, do consider having a smaller cake or cupcakes for your little guests too. White Forest and creamy butterscotch flavours are great alternatives that work well with winter wedding themes.


Couples these days are not averse to the idea of serving their wedding cake to guests and that could be because cakes do make an exceptionally great dessert too. But instead of serving guests a slice or two, why not add a little touch that could take the cake to a different level altogether? For alcohol rich cakes, we suggest serving hot vanilla custard on the side as this makes the cake more flavourful and moist. For regular flavours like butterscotch, a warm soufflé or pudding will make the cake even tastier and the balance of hot and cold will work wonders.

More articles on winter weddings coming your way soon!

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