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What’s the best way to show your love and appreciation for guests who have kept aside time and participated full heartedly in your wedding? By giving them thoughtful winter wedding favours of course. And since it’s winter, why not giving them out of the box favours which they are guaranteed to enjoy and cherish? Here are a few ideas you must steal:


Macarons have been much written and raved about but now that the festive season is in the air, we say skip the macarons and gift decorated gingerbread cookies instead. A few of these palm sized cookies will not just satisfy any sweet cravings but the little guests are certain to love them too. Chocolate brownies with walnuts and marshmallows are a huge hit as well and when presented in a nice box, it makes for a great winter wedding favour too. Add a ribbon with a thank you tag on it.


And if cookies aren’t enough, then how about gifting them with a few homemade gourmet chocolates as well? It goes without saying that speciality dessert chefs and even home bakers are experimenting with flavours by the dozen and would be more than happy to whip up something really scrummy for you. Our personal favourites would be rum or brandy filled chocolates and cocoa balls with gooey caramel.


If you don’t mind splurging a bit on the winter wedding favour, then how about gifting a good branded bottle of wine? Besides being a thoughtful gift, your guests will think about your wedding and the good time they had every time they raise their glass and say ‘Cheers’. Plus, it is the festive season and who doesn’t like a decent glass of wine with good company? You can even get stickers featuring the initials of your partner and you to place on the bottle instead of the original brand sticker.


Winters are synonymous with fire logs and warm fires burning at night. So, instead of gifting the standard toiletry pack, how about gifting a set of scented candles instead? Eco friendly candles made from soy and bees wax in a variety of scents and colours are available in cute little boxes, which makes them a wonderful winter wedding favour to think about.  Add a handwritten thank you note or the name of your guest for a personal touch.

So, this winter, say a firm no to the traditional barfi sweet box and yes to a wedding favour with a festive touch to it.

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