Winter Wedding Series: Winter Wedding Invitation Cards

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In India, formally inviting guests to a winter wedding is incomplete without handing over an invitation card to each guest with a box of sweets, at their respective homes. One of the best features of having a winter wedding is that you get to incorporate so many wonderful little elements into your winter wedding invitation cards which blend beautifully with the rest of your wedding décor and theme. Here are a few lovely little touches we heart that you could use in your winter wedding invitation cards:


When you think of winter, think of the many colours that are associated with winter like deep bronze, silver, snow white, burnt orange, emerald green, berry red. We suggest using a warm shade with a pastel or neutral one in order for both shades to stand out well. For example, a brown background paired with silver coloured font or even silver coloured font on a white background looks gorgeous. Alternatively, white coloured font on a silver background looks elegant too.

Planning to have a few auspicious ceremonies like a sangeet or mehendi before the wedding? Then, why not have different invitation cards for each ceremony? That way, your guests don’t get confused and you can give the cards individually to whichever guest you want to invite for each ceremony.


Would you like to add a touch of Christmas to your wedding invitation or perhaps even the New Year? Garlands of flowers, pine cones, snowmen, snowflakes and even sparklers are little details that will look good on the card. The only thing you need to remember is that the artwork shouldn’t overpower the colour combination or even the words or else it will look like you’re inviting guests to a Christmas party and not to your wedding!


When choosing the font style, we suggest giving fonts with loops and added flair a try. Not only will your card have an overall elegant feel to it but italics will make it look very pretty. Consider it a nice keepsake for your guests too.

Irrespective of whether you plan to go with a geometric design or one that’s been inspired by Christmas, we suggest leaving any artwork with Santa Claus out of your winter wedding invitation cards. We agree that it will look cute but it could also dilute the importance of your wedding invitation on the whole.

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