Wire Nail Manicure- The Latest Nail Trend In Town

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How far would you go for an eye popping manicure? Would you be chilled out with the thought of displaying a few wires on your nails? No, we aren’t asking you to make your nails look like Bellatrix’s from the Harry Potter series, but what if we told you that the secret to simply awesome nails just might be include some stainless steel?

So, what exactly is a Wire Nail Manicure?

A wire nail manicure involves using little pieces of wire which are really thin and malleable, making it easy to sculpt or twist them into different shapes and designs. In fact, a wire nail manicure look can be enhanced even further by adding a 3d design, stiletto tips, cuticle accents, abstract art and even mini portraits. If you want only the wire bits to stand out, then we suggest going in for a clear look with a transparent nail polish or one which has bits of glitter in it. If you like your nails to pop, then adding a colourful coat will make them look even more attractive.

Who discovered this new trend?

We have Eun Kyung Park, a Korean fashionista who is also the brains and talent behind Unistella, to thank for this mesmerising manicure trend. And that’s not all! She is also the creator behind the shattered glass manicure look, which took the world by storm and has won over plenty of admirers everywhere. Eun Kyung Park believes that nail art should be wearable for all and doesn’t like to limit her audience to any particular age group. Anything can be a source of inspiration for her- the sand on beach, a candy wrapper and even a sea shell.

The wire nail manicure was simply inspired by bright and dazzling neon signs which can be spotted from afar. The fact that each wire needs to be bent individually in order to make a certain letter, gave Park the idea that the wire could also be used as a creative medium of expression.

wire nail manicure

Image courtesy Perez hilton

So, how do I wear it?

Well, bending the wire does take plenty of time and patience simply because each wire is so thin that it could snap into two when bent suddenly. The best way to get the most out of your wire nail manicure is by applying a clear gel polish to the nail, adding the bent wire on top, curing the lacquer and then topping it off with a layer of clear gel just so that the whole artwork stays just as it is without moving. The only advice we have for you is that you need to make sure that the wires have been bent and placed properly on your nails or you could face a situation where the wires suddenly come off, or worse; the edges of the wires actually hurt you.

Main image courtesy Marie Claire

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