You Are Engaged: 6 Things Not to Post on Social Media

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How long have you waited for this moment? How long have you dreamed of the day when you will tell the entire world that you have found your soulmate? That day is today. That moment is here. You are finally engaged to that special someone and cannot wait to let everybody know about it.

Perhaps, the first thought right after you get engaged, is to share it all over social media so your friends, family, and near ones can congratulate you. After all; these are the people who should be the first ones to know the news since they have known you for so long. And what can be a better idea than to update your status from Single to Engaged? And, oh-those amazing candid engagement photoshoot pics? Your BFFs are dying to see those pictures? So, the moment you get some free time, you are going to upload the photos and change your Relationship Status on Facebook. But wait! Are you sure that you meant ‘everybody’ when you said “everybody”?

That ex-colleague or friends from university whom you couldn’t invite? That distant relative whom you never really got along well with, hence discarded from the guest list? Aren’t they also connected with you through social media? Are you ready to face the situation your one status update can lead to?

This is why we have compiled a list of what not to post on social media after your engagement.

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1. Minute details of your wedding plan

We know this urge may be too hard to resist, but put yourself in other peoples’ shoes for a moment. Would you be really interested in getting the same updates from a friend or acquaintance when they are not your best friend, or your favourite cousin? You got the answer already.

2. Long soliloquy on love and companionship

Unless you plan to bore your social media friends to death. In that case, it’d be best to do so!

3. One engagement pic a day

While it’s true that it is one of the most important and happy moments of your life; you must agree that not everybody will share the same enthusiasm.

4. Showing how adorable or perfect you two look together

While there’s no doubt that you do- making all and sundry experience a glimpse of your adorable togetherness may not be a grand idea.

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5. Wedding countdown for a year

This will certainly lose its charm and mystery with time; and the curiosity around your biggest day may eventually fade away. Of course, you don’t want that to happen.

6. Start calling each other wifey or hubby in every post and tagging each other

Though it is quite a common occurrence among newly engaged couples, calling each other wifey/ hubby is just likely to make others uncomfortable. Also, do you really need the world’s validation?

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