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Today weaving traditions in India revolves around sarees which is an ethnic dress worn by the women in most parts of the country.The combination and shine and glamour with the saree have led to the creation of an innumerable traditional saree, with each region lending its unique essence to Indian ethnicity. We offer a wide range of cotton and silk sarees for every occasion. Apart from traditional and contemporary collections of saris for middle and old-aged women, we also have a collection of trendy sarees for youngsters.

Bengal Cotton Sarees have always been the favorite of women belonging to all ages. The country India is itself famous for its cotton garments, and saree being one of its premier attires, The Bengal Cotton sarees gives a pure comforting ease owing to the soothing fabric- you can exploit these sarees in your every day wear especially during the summer months. You will see women wearing cotton sarees during festive occasions like Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, Lohri, Baisakhi and all the other regional festivals of our country. Cotton sarees are also worn to the workplace by teachers while going to schools/colleges, lady doctors and housewives in their daily wear. The pure hand woven cotton sarees by our store are manifested with expert weaves, textures, and colours. This cotton sarees for your special or casual occasions specially made to suit your preferences.
Silk sarees offered by us are made of 100% Spun Silk Yarn obtained from Silk Cocoon like Mulberry Silk Cocoon, Tussar Silk Cotton Resham Silk Cotton and so on.

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