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“ We Create For You To Celebrate ”.


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Reviews of Afterlife Events and Entertainment(38)

Good segregation of work helped everyone at the wedding for smoother procession of events.
Review by Sourav Chandak
Wedding date 17th Mar 2020
Nice work keep it up, Fx were superb and amazing barat procession, Hospitality was a bit tiring for family too but it's okay
Review by Amit Agarwal
Wedding date 16th Mar 2020
Great work blessing for making it beautiful for us.
Review by Surendramal Golcha
Wedding date 4th Mar 2020
So many weddings so many Warmalas but mine was the most different one thanks to them for surprise elements they added on request.
Review by Ruchika Kejriwal
Wedding date 2nd Mar 2020
Nice work done lightings were good and beautiful.
Review by Jinedra Bantha
Wedding date 27th Feb 2020
They managed everything our guests their issues our issues our wedding as per our tantrums and always said thank you in return. Raunak you use alot of thankyou but thanks for everything.
Review by Neha Agarwal
Wedding date 26th Feb 2020
Never hoped for such a cocktail wedding, Gujju ka jhatka with punjabi tadka, It sounded childish but amazing presented thanks alot for unique wedding.
Review by Amrita Patel
Wedding date 26th Feb 2020
There are some flaws with the choreography and thanks for changing it on request other things were good.
Review by Chirag Goel
Wedding date 25th Feb 2020
Superb work good quality loved it.
Review by Jasmine Kaur
Wedding date 20th Feb 2020
Up to the mark nothing extra ordinary as promised, But completed their words, Less people left with such dedication to words Thanks.
Review by Dibesh Tekriwal
Wedding date 19th Feb 2020
Rang bhar diye inhone humari khushiyon mai umeed karunga appko bhi inka kaam pasand aaye.
Review by Santhosh Banthia
Wedding date 15th Feb 2020
Friends and families all I wanted with a beach wedding, thanks for the fun element in my wedding needed that only.
Review by Anita Himatsingka
Wedding date 13th Feb 2020
Fantabulous arrangements made with my special human size cake a little larger than that. Loved it.
Review by Vikash Singhi
Wedding date 13th Feb 2020
Thanks for making everything look so perfect hope to see you soon.
Review by Suchita Begwani
Wedding date 9th Feb 2020
Nice work done and thanx for making evrything go smooth. Satisfied.
Review by Siddharth Jain
Wedding date 6th Feb 2020
Nice work culture fun loving and creative groups of people amazing work delivered with fun.
Review by Abhishek Khater
Wedding date 5th Feb 2020
Extremely sensitive and real time members never seen such a supporting person as a businessman Thank you.
Review by Gita Saxena
Wedding date 4th Feb 2020
Made the best possible out in a limited budget thanks for that, Original flowers were used less but artificial ones they had their own charm good work Thank you.
Review by Suman Kothari
Wedding date 30th Jan 2020
No excessive decoration no profitable wedding just a wedding for a noble cause thanks for making the wedding happen of that not to entitled people. hope god gives you alot of success.
Review by Aaisha Singhi
Wedding date 30th Jan 2020
Smoothness couldn't have been possible without your work attributes, swift work gets praises as much.
Review by Basant Ganeriwala
Wedding date 26th Jan 2020
Mind-blowing work culture, People always a call away, Working out anything you want, No excuses and questions asked. Loved the way they curated all special emotions according to us.
Review by Nikhil Pareek
Wedding date 24th Jan 2020
Specialized teams for everything under one roof so easy to work with them.
Review by Aarti Parakh
Wedding date 23rd Jan 2020
Couldn't have got anyone more understanding made all the events theme based and made sure it followed our wedding theme. Amazing creation.
Review by Pritvish Jain
Wedding date 22nd Jan 2020
Destination wedding was a dream until their friendly package helped us out also loved their modes of payment did chose them for that forsure.
Review by Suyash Agarwal
Wedding date 19th Jan 2020
Simple weddings organised in traditional way nice concept.
Review by Nancy Singh
Wedding date 17th Jan 2020
They have amazing crew of stylists and hospitality personnel's all caring and best at their job.
Review by Bimla Modi
Wedding date 17th Jan 2020
Thanks a lot didn't expect such good work at this age keep up the good work sucess will surely knock your doors.
Review by Pawan Todi
Wedding date 15th Jan 2020
Loved the special arrangements made as per request, The special baarat movement The new dhol pattern, The special theme party for youngsters, And haldi dedicated to my friends. Thanks alot.
Review by Aadvit Goenka
Wedding date 10th Jan 2020
Loved their new idea creation pattern raunak just develops your dreams into ideas on the spot making them so reliable.
Review by Krishna Pugalia
Wedding date 2nd Jan 2020
Never experienced such delayed service though everything was so elegant and charming but time management needs to be taken care of.
Review by Bharti Daga
Wedding date 26th Dec 2019
The way you present your decor is always perfect I loved the detailings added to its specifics.
Review by Dharmendra Manot
Wedding date 19th Dec 2019
Gave them my sister's wedding contract and trust me I made her fairytale true with them.
Review by Abhilasha Jain
Wedding date 19th Dec 2019
Lights and sound which were a big doubt of quality as I am myself a music lover, I know the bad qualities being used due to less knowledge, But you guys maintained every decible reaching my ears.
Review by Sanjay Maheshwari
Wedding date 11th Dec 2019
My brother's wedding was really close to my heart and you understood that thanks for hearing me out always, And work goes up and down but loved your presentation over that.
Review by Ashish Chowdhury
Wedding date 10th Dec 2019
Warmala was the dream I planned with my partner, We always wanted our Warmala to be that mentioned moment which you created, The pandit mantra affect was amazing. Thanks for turing dream true.
Review by Sheetal Bhalotia
Wedding date 23rd Nov 2019
Unique ideas created with my inspirations all I wanted. Thanks for achieving the perfect picture perfect wedding for me.
Review by Preeti Nahar
Wedding date 19th Nov 2019
I wanted our Maayra function to be just like it used to be in our times, Geetwaliyan Dholaks Traditional decor Thanks to them I had what I wanted.
Review by Rajeev Jain
Wedding date 11th Nov 2019
Not what I expected but praises for the hard work, Experience needed.
Review by Ranveer Jaluka
Wedding date 9th Nov 2019
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