The BGS saga began in the Late 1960’s, primarily fuelled by Mr. Brij Gupta entrepreneurial spirit and partly forced by circumstance.

Started off as a pure clothing brand, Way back in the Late 1960s, Brij Garments has come a long way with Diversification into clothing further and nearly all Accessories for women, by the brand Bg’s. A name That synonymous with fashion and global trends in accessorising women, Bg’s has been and still continues to be the trendsetter in the minds of the fashion, is not Left untouched by our host of designers, who are all well travelled and aware of the latest in global fashion trends. The mission of bg’s is to create an awareness about the high fashion prevalent globally. At the same time be a provider of the same to the conscious customer, with the best product in the best quality available and most importantly at the best price. The customer is definitely the force behind, who keeps asking for new products, which keeps us on our toes for constant innovative endeavours.

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