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Clicksunlimited photography is a theme based candid wedding photographer based in Mumbai. They are your one stop shop for all your photo and video needs and specializes in candid photography. They have a keen eye for details and a zeal to capture the true and natural beauty in people and their precious moments. Their team of experts provide professional and client centered services. Their artistic and creative perspective allows them to give results that are away from the generic and mundane content that is already out there. So, preserve all the memories and emotions of your special day and celebration forever in their magical creations.

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Wedding photography

Candid photography

Traditional photography

Themed photography

Bridal photoshoot

Destination wedding photography

Mehendi photography

Event photography

Pre wedding photography

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Creative wedding photography

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Reviews of Clicks Unlimited Photography(2)

Sonal is the least professional lady we met. We had so many issues with her. It was a mistake hiring her for our wedding. 1) liar: we wanted our ring photos on ring ceremony. I asked her if she took the pics or our rings during the event and she said yes. My wife also asked her again and she said yes. Now the irony is we do not have a proper ring pics for ring ceremony. Even tho we reminded her few times. When we got the pics and told her she started to yell back at us without being apologetic. 2) no cinematic shoot of family members in reception, even tho we had hired a cinematographer. We had to use footage from traditional videographer to fill the gaps in our highlight video. 3) our interview video could not be done. She took my family's video in a noisy background even tho we had a room available during sangeet day to shoot a better audio quality for the interview. She said she will do my wife's side of the family interview on our wedding day. She did not do it even tho we told her. She ended up taking the video a week after our wedding. She sent her videographer without a mic. The photographer wasn't even aware he was there for an interview shoot and said Sonal didn't tell him what to ask. We then created the questions to shoot. 4) delivery: I was flying back to canada a month after our wedding. We had specifically told her before hiring that we want post productions, albums cd's everything to be delivered within 20 days of our event so that I can take them along with me. She didn't even start our work for almost 2 months. Me and my wife would go meet her editor every now and then to get things done. When we questioned her, she said I want 2 hard disk. I mean I had already given her a 2TB hard disk. Why would anyone give 2 hard disk. The reason she wanted 2 hard disk is because her video editor is In nalasupara and her photo editor is in parel. That is not the client's concern. And if this was the case, she should have told us in advance. Not 1 month after the event. We had already sent her our prewedding pics for editing and albums. Already sent bridal portrait pics for editing and selection. She only edited our prewedding pics. We waited 3 months. She did not even bother to even start work on a single pic. Luckily we got the cinematic highlight videos because me and my wife would make frequent trips to get it done. 5) no respect for privacy: we told sonal to not put any of our pics on social media. I even said to delete any copies of our pics that she has on her system. She said she has deleted our pics and does not have any media for social media. We checked her instagram a few days later and put our pics on instagram. I messaged her and she said it must be social media girls. She will delete. Which she did. But guess what. She has our pics on her website. Even tho we specifically said to respect our privacy. 6) few times during our function, we had specific things. We had paid her, we hired her, she should respect her client. But no. She would threat us that I can't do. You hire someone else. I mean there is already enough stress during these events and now you have to tolerate threats from someone you paid to do her job as per the contract. 7) In the end, we only got our videos, only because we kept going personally. We got edited pre wedding pics because our prewedding was done approx 20 days prior to our function. Our sangeet pics, our wedding pics, our reception pics, our haldi pics, our bandoli pics - she didn't even start editing them. I waited 3 months since our event, with me and my wife constantly reminding her every week. She would keep giving excuses. It is not my job to remind the person I hired for the job she is hired for. Then I got frustrated and told her not to do these things as I am hiring someone else. We have not received any albums from her and we ended our terms. In the end. Hire her at your own risk. If you do, do not use the contract she sends you. Put each and every detail in the contact, and I mean every detail. Do not take her word for it.
Review by Kushal
Wedding date 27th Dec 2017
I just cant explain how my totally wedding experience was with her and her very well managed team! Kudos to clicks unlimited!
Review by Madhushree Tamhankar
Wedding date 10th Feb 2016
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