Deepak Chhabria

Have the most beautiful memories of your wedding, forever.

Deepak Chhabria loves weddings, and it shows in his work.?

His keen eye gives the special and sacred moments a power that you can touch and feel

A soft smile on the bride’s face, a ‘far away’ look in her mother’s eyes, the stream of emotions that play on the groom’s face as he watches the bride walk to the altar, or to the sacred fire.

DC, as Deepak is called, understands that a wedding photo album is not just a picture documentary, but an emotional visual history of two people starting a new life - something that becomes a precious part of a family’s memories.

What you get:
High quality photos, a designer album and a DVD

Usually 500+ photographs of a wedding will be shot. Typically, the photographs will cover the wedding rituals and reception.

You can pick any number you want for printing. (For a coffee table book album (12 inches x 15 inches) a max of 150 photographs can be accommodated.

These selected photos will be worked on further on the computer to enhance and beautify them.

Typically, you will get a photo album with a customized cover design, holding the selected photographs.

A DVD containing the selected photographs, along with the raw photographs that were shot will also be given to you.

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