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We as a team @ Feelings Wedding Co. (FWC) emphasize on beauty and power of this bond of marriage, and understanding the sanctity and power of this very celebration we want to leave you and your loved ones with a memory and experience which is meaningful and powerful. A Beautiful wedding begins long before the guest arrives or they say their vows. It begins with the first feeling when you looked at your partner.

Our Expertise :

We believe that a wedding is not only a grand event of one's life, it also a new beginning for two individuals and that's why we help them to make their wedding soulful and conscious wedding.

1. Venue Selection & Wedding D├ęcor

2. Budget Consultancy

3. Invite & RSVP

4. Designing and hosting a meaningful and personalized Ceremony.

5. Menu Planning

6.conscious Wedding Favors ( welcome gifts , see off gifts)

7.Wedding & Artist coordination


This list is not exhaustive and has scope of customization

We specialize in customizations , we really love working when the celebration reflects meaning , an intent for meaningful and thoughtful connections and creates the unconscious conscious .

Where this celebration makes you feel strong and prepared for your new journey ahead .

So we are very open to add elements which would bring your values and ethos through symbolisms and diverse elements

In the END, Leave it all to us, while you enjoy and cherish your precious moments for a lifetime.

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