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The journey to create Fiona Diamonds began years ago by founders Parag and Saurabh Agarwal. They had strong reservations against conflict and blood diamonds and their severe environmental cost. They were on the look-out for a more ethically responsible alternative.

They founded Fiona with the belief that everyone deserves to enjoy the shine of a diamond, without the moral ambiguity attached to it. That everyone deserves the opportunity to shine responsibly.

During Fiona's formative years, lab grown diamonds hadn't yet been developed, and 'Moissanites' were the closest thing to a real diamond. Soon however, with the advances of technology, diamonds could be cultured and grown above the earth. These diamonds had a structural and chemical composition identical to their mined counterparts. There was finally a legitimate alternative to mined diamonds.

Using our e-platform, we ensure that the lab grown diamonds are acquired directly from manufacturers, eliminating the need for middle-men, leading to increased savings for you.

Fiona believes that everyone has the right to shine. And with lab grown diamonds, we can shine responsibly. Email Fiona Diamonds

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