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Incorporated in 1997 with the regular type of business model like other stores, we diversified to health products where people can enjoy munching with low calorie snacks and sugar free products, especially for weight watchers.

We have many products for people suffering from different type of ailments like diabetes, blood pressure, asthma & T.B.

We are pioneer to start with tailor made products according to customers requirements and we also specialise in diet & unusual products in all categories.

Instant low-fat Moong Dal Dahi Wada, Moong Bhajia, Sugar-free Sweets (like Cranberries sweets, Nachni Laddoos, Soya/Oats/Flax-seed Laddoos), Salt Free Wafers, Health Mix for all age groups, Organic Peanut Butter and Sugar Free Chikkis are just some of our unique products. We invite you to explore the vast range of our products.

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