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Iris Park Hotel offers you a place where you find exquisite rooms for a comfortable stay, attentive services to set you above all else, decorated settings for stimulating your senses and a memorable experience that takes you by surprise. Although a fresh name in the hospitality industry, Iris Park is a hotel where each and every room, furniture, service and accompaniment has been selected and put together gracefully, with careā€¦

Located in Delhi's one of the most urbane areas - South Delhi, Iris Park Hotel offers its guests the delight of accommodation in both elegant and stylish rooms. Hotel's 21 tastefully appointed rooms are distributed in 3 floors which are conveniently accessible through the elevator facility. These are designed on Vaastu Shastra principles and are fitted with world-class fixtures.

The hospitality staff of our hotel further enriches the experience of our guests with their cordial and attentive services. They are professional individuals with suitable experience in hospitality industry which equips them with the right approach to serve our discerning guests. In all, we are a team that aims towards providing you matchless comfort and satisfaction during your stay in the capital city, Delhi.

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A 1/24, Nauroji Nagar Marg Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi 110029