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"What do you bring to the table, Malhaar?" I say, ENTERTAINMENT. After all, weddings are all about making your guests feeling together in one room, giving them warmth, laughter and an experience that they would talk about for years that follow. I have been active in the Indian Wedding industry as an anchor for more than five years now and mostly appreciated for my wit, humour, on point one liners and the innovative activities that I come up with to make your affair grand and entertaining. I sing and dance and for the most part enjoy my job.

"Malhaar, you rocked the stage. You really are the MASTER OF CEREMONIES.", said one of my clients and I could feel the cloud nine excitement.

"No one could have pulled the show better than you did. It was raining cats and dogs but you managed to put your best foot forward and conquered the night.", said another client and I could feel butterflies in my stomach.

Ladies, gentlemen and others here's an anchor passionate and full of energy for what he does. Want to know more? Hit my mail box or give me a call or text and we can take it from there. They call me a #ManOfSubstance, though.

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I was looking for an anchor for my sister's marriage which took place during February 24th, 2020. I looked at a lot of profiles but finalized Mr. Murari Maheshwari because I noticed that he brings a lot to the table. Murari hosted four wedding events for us (Sangeet, Haldi, Mehndi, wedding) and he amazed us with his skills and personality. We were impressed by the way he prepared customized activities for each event. The way he kept us engaged and connected with the guests during all events was fantastic. He kickstarted the event with a singing performance which we really loved. He took a lot of effort to entertain the couple and the guests.And we were delighted to hear him orate it during the event. His anchoring was the highlight of the event. Highly recommended.????
Review by Megha singh
Wedding date 24th Feb 2020
Murari is the best emcee I have worked with . He’s the one who never fails to engage the audience and coax out participation in ways that even the shyest glad that they got to join in . His ability to liven up an event and connect with the audience is impressive. Add his stage presence into the equation and you have one of the most versatile and nature emcee in the industry. I heartily recommend Murari to any organisation or any other event for hosting gig that you are planning.Its our pleasure working with you in all our upcoming events! :)
Review by Charu Bali
Wedding date 8th Jan 2020
Murari hosted my cousin’s sangeet to perfection! The way he connected with the audience during the event was amazing. I honestly never knew the value of an anchor in an Indian wedding function before we saw his performance. Thank you for the memories :)
Review by Neetu Jain
Wedding date 2nd Dec 2019
Everything was perfect in my sister's wedding, but having murari maheshwari as our host was the icing on the cake. All our guests had a constant smile on their faces which proved that they were having a great time listening to him, also we were fully satisfied with his presence in the wedding. We would definitely suggest others to have murari at their weddings if they really need someone who could do justice to the stage and to their guest's happiness.
Review by Sharen
Wedding date 19th Nov 2019
Murari is the best emcee I've ever worked with. A pleasing personality with great energy. He understands his audience and connects with each member. He is natural and spontaneous. Murari is not just an emcee but a singer, performer and entertainer. He has hosted both offline and online events with us and has delivered both with extreme professionalism and skill. His command over language and involvement in script and content creation makes working with him an enriching experience.
Review by Saanvri
Wedding date 17th Apr 2019
He keeps the audience diverted solely to himself from the beginning to the end. He has got amazing skill set of entertaining people. A big thumbs up!
Review by Radhika
Wedding date 25th Jan 2019
I had met Murari when we both were working for an event (product launch) where he was hosting the event, and I was managing my agency work. Little did I know this talented one was also into hosting wedding events. I got his information from the portal and quickly called him for my friends wedding sangeet. This fire-ball of a person, swayed away guests with his wit and humour. Elders are the most difficult people to please during a wedding, but they were all praises about me finding this talent and making the affair a lively one. I’d like to recommend him for all the events.
Review by Shruti Goyal
Wedding date 25th Jan 2019
I remember the day how he remarkably managed to entertain the guests on my brother's wedding. I particularly liked the way he drew the guests in and held their attention for three full hours! Undoubtedly he's amazing in his work.
Review by Asha
Wedding date 23rd Jan 2019
He had hosted my nephew's birthday....he is the best that can be. He sings, acts, cracks jokes n most importantly understands his audience. He has a natural talent to connect with people that helps him connect the cords. He engages n involves the guests and becomes the highlight of the event. I'd wish to call him for all my engagements big n small.
Review by Shikha Aggarwal
Wedding date 6th Jan 2019
Murari hosted my parents 25th wedding anniversary function. Everybody at the function asked about him, who is this great boy full of confidence plus so handsome. Murari was an awesome entertainer who not only involved everyone in the function but also made it a success. After our function, various other people also had a host in their parties(Murari was busy) otherwise he was the only host everyone wanted to have.
Review by Disha aggarwal
Wedding date 31st May 2018
Murari did an amazing job in the sangeet function. He was spontaneous and handled every uncertain situation perfectly. Not to mention the way he engaged the entire audience via games. Everyone enjoyed! Keep growing.. Good job!
Review by Madhushree Dargar
Wedding date 28th Apr 2018
Anybody who is dreaming about a gala wedding day full of entertainment and laughter, Murari is the anchor you are looking for. Be it his singing, his sense of humour or the Bollywood-tadka he brings on the table, this multi -talented artist would go an extra mile to bring smile on everyone’s face making the event full of amazing memories to cherish forever. And the best thing about his is that he doesn’t just hosts event, he makes bonds. It’s been three years and even my distant relatives never forget to praise his work.
Review by Deepika Bisht
Wedding date 10th Dec 2017
The anchor that I had hired for my sangeet night ditched me a day before and you know how chaotic wedding preparations are, so as I was trying to calm my self down I came across his profile by chance on instagram. To be honest I was a little hesitant at first on whether or not to book him for my wedding but I'm so glad, I did! The way he entertained and interacted with the audience was mind blowing. He sings, makes you laugh and most importantly binds the family into one. Highly recommended..
Review by Shinjini torani
Wedding date 20th Oct 2017
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