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The reason behind coining the company’s name as Memorable Indian Weddings is because that is exactly what we strive at- making your wedding the most memorable day of your life. You have unlimited dreams for your D day and we are here to turn them into wide-eyed reality.

There’s something about the vibrancy and fervor of Indian weddings, the rituals, the décor, the music and of course the food, there’s so much to be done to perfect every aspect of the wedding and destination weddings are a different story or rather a different fairy tale altogether. The team at Memorable Indian Weddings is young and budding with creative and unconventional ideas and has catered to some outstanding destination weddings. We are all set to make YOUR wedding a roaring and start-struck success too!

Weddings fascinate us and every wedding well-planned gives us a thrill of joy and that is exactly why we are in the business. We understand the difference between destination and typical weddings and also how the requirements and desires of one couple differ from another. No matter what destination you are seeking or what is your budget bracket, Memorable Indian Weddings is here to provide you with a wedding that is tailor-made and perfected exclusively for you.

Here’s wishing you a Happy Ever After

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Reviews of Memorable Indian Weddings Delhi(4)

Planning a destination weddings is a herculean task and it was very well managed by Memorable Indian Weddings.. They were always quick, transparent and problem solver on one end and creative, full of ideas with an aesthetic sense on other end. Overall our wedding was possible due to our planners, Sunaina and her team. Cheers!
Review by T and V
Wedding date 30th Jan 2019
"Hiring MIW team for our destination wedding in India was one of the best decision we made when planning our wedding. Sunaina's attention to detail, passion for weddings and tabled excel sheets made it worth to hire her services. I couldn't have asked for more. :)"
Review by Divyanka
Wedding date 10th Jan 2018
We hired Sunaina after getting in touch with her about 5-6 months prior to our wedding at Udiavilas, Udaipur. Sunaina was always very prompt to reply and answered all our queries. That is why against my better judgement we decided to go ahead with their team. However, we couldn’t have imagined how hiring them was going to make our wedding planning even more stressful. This team only cared about adding a wedding at Udaivilas to their portfolio. Throughout the wedding, we were suggested vendors that charged us twice the actual rates for any event. And anytime we asked why is this costing so much more than what my other friends who got married paid, we were told because it’s peak season , charges are more for udaivilas and lastly if we want to cut down on the budget, the quality will be compromised !! My father actually called one do the vendors and was quoted less than half the price. When we called Sunaina back she said she will talk to the vendor and then came back with the lower price. Even for our wedding events, many things that were promised were not done and prices were still more than doubled for few things stating extra things that were not included in decor ( that every other decorator includes). And to top it all, she kept getting into arguments with the management at udaivilas and tried to make deals with them without informing us. We booked udaivilas ourselves, hired our photographers and MUA ourselves ( she did recommend the name of this person) and they all did a fabulous job. Except Sunaina and her team. It was a big mistake and I would never recommend their team for any wedding because all they care about is making money and do not have any concern as to how important this is for the couple.
Review by Priyanka Yadav
Wedding date 25th Nov 2017
Wow! If I really have to describe Memorable Indian Weddings in one word- it would be impeccable. As any other bride I had terrible pre-nuptial jitters and of course wanted my wedding day to be THE BEST. They took care of every little detail and constantly communicated with us throughout. A big Thumbs Up!
Review by Simi and Rohan, New Jersey
Wedding date 30th Nov -0001
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