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My team and I develop wedding dress ideas.

Working with our brides’ tastes, themes & style needs, we make custom designed wedding dresses.

Our portfolio is a reflection of the fair share of opportunities we’ve had within the design spectrum; from simple clean cut silk dresses to vintage inspired dresses and even indo-western dresses.

We particularly like working with out of the box design briefs.

While based in Mumbai we work with clients across the world.

From Skype meetings with the bride the trial fit courier in 60 days.

Drop us a line to start a conversation.

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Reviews of Michelle Rodrigues Designer Mumbai(2)

BRIDES PLEASE AVOID THIS PLACE FOR YOUR BRIDAL DRESS. You’d be traumatised ! I’ve had the worst experience with Michelle and I can’t tell you how distressing this experience has been for me. It all started off with her not keeping up to the appointments, cancelling appointments on the day or not sticking to the promise of handing over the dress in time- I was very patient and accommodating ! A day before my flight I spent nearly the entire day at her office for the dress but it was sent to me at 9.30 Pm at night and was fully packed. She promised me that she would give me the dress exactly as we had discussed and to trust me . I trusted her and that was my biggest mistake. She gave me a dress which had buttons falling off, length was way too long, material was of a poor quality as laces tore, dress was of the poorest quality and she lied on several occasions. She charged me INR 90,000 for a dress and I have attached photos of this dress ! However a thing to note here is she fraudulently asked me to present a bill of 30,000 rupees to DHL when the dress was being sent back to her from London through DHL courier to rectify the huge blunders she had done on the dress and this was only so that she doesn’t have to pay to the customs - when I did ask why the difference in the bill sent to me which was 90,000 she stated that’s only because she was showing customs the charge for the material and something I shouldn’t be worried about . I wasn’t aware that she was doing all this to dodge a heavy customs charge . She also, on the courier (which she sent back to me from Bombay to London )stated the dress was “fabric piece ” to avoid customs as against stating it was a bridal dress. I have the courier cover as evidence as well which I have attached below . The dress was sent to me in a plastic bag in London in the most appalling state with all the work falling off, crumpled, the zip didn’t close and was protruding out, the net was torn and the dress was awful! She started howling and shouting at me when I pointed that out to her and that she realised she was at fault . Later she tendered an apology for her behaviour - distressed me 4 days before my wedding ! The dress was of the poorest quality you could ask for ! I was so distressed and I had to starve just four days before the wedding to get into this dress as she had made a huge blunder of altering the dress too tight and the new zip was of the poorest quality ! I left all my work before wedding running around to find a replacement dress but couldn’t find one ! She got so mouthy and awful four days before my wedding and left me in tears . My dress was torn, laces had holes, buttons had come off, zip was protruding out, the inner lining was longer than the dress outside, the buttons came off including the zip that broke. I not only had to starve three days before the wedding but had to rush to a seamstress and had to pay £550 to get the dress fixed as we couldn’t find a dress three days before the wedding ! Brides please avoid her at all costs as the stress and trauma I’ve been through and the way she has ruined this special day of mine is irreparable ! Please please be warned . I wish I had paid heed to the review that another client of Michelle has posted below. I would have found an amazing dress here in London at a better price and minus the distress. I am unable to upload any more photos(as google review limits it to only 16 photos ) of how the dress was falling apart !
Review by sarika mishra
Wedding date 11th May 2019
I have had good experiences with Mitchelle in the past, but lately she hasnt done a good job on my gown (a very poor job i must say)... i guess she is loaded with too many orders. She screwed my dress... DISAPPOINTED!
Review by Ana
Wedding date 29th Oct 2016
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