We believe that every one is unique. Everyone is Nayaab. So we would like to arouse in each our client the courage to follow this uniqueness where it leads. We want to inspire every woman stepping in our showroom to say: “I am Me. Not a girl from a neighborhood, not a woman from a magazine cover, not a stranger… I am me, and I am OK!” 

We believe in love and sincerity, in craze and passion, in significance of the centuries-long tradition and inspiration for invention. With our innovative light weight and detachable jadau jewelry and classical ethnical designs from the regal collections, we pay tribute to the New Woman of India, emerging as the inspiring power of the nation, we set the milestone in the jewelry legacy of the changing India.

We have finished the first festive year in Jaipur. We would like to thank you all for making us Nayaab. And we are here to serve them in every big or small way.

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