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The wildlife in Africa inspired me to buy my first DSLR and I was instantly amazed by how little I was aware of anything else when my eye was fixed to my camera. It was like meditation...I felt focused and lost track of time, hunger and thirst. This was the moment I realised my passion.

Both Africa and buying camera equipment are insanely expensive, so my passion had to be put to use elsewhere! I was the owner of a children's day care centre in England for 2 years and my office overlooked the playground. I started taking photos of the kids playing and the parents were overjoyed, which is where my love for candid photography began. Children are unpredictable, adorable and they only remain tiny for so long. The idea behind photographing families for me is to give the parents memories of what their kids loved at that age, more than just a bunch of people posing and smiling at the camera.

And then there were weddings! Suddenly every friend of mine was getting hitched and a capture of the most special day of their lives was the best present I could think of. Now I photograph the weddings of people I've never met before, and leave the wedding feeling like I've gained at least one new family if not two :)

After 6 years of shooting, I still feel the same thrill and calm when my camera is my eye, and I'll never tire of hearing "OMG your cameras are bigger than you!"

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What's not to like about Neha? She's a wonderful, friendly, talented person who is always brimming with positivity and creative ideas, regardless of whether they are related to her photography or not. We celebrated our wedding in the heart of the Alps (since we both live in Germany) at a hiking lodge. Nothing ostentatious, just a gathering of all our friends amidst some stunning Alpine scenery. Now, when we look at Neha's photos, we are reminded of how magical and amazing that weekend was. Neha has a unique and uncanny ability to capture all those special moments. She seems to be able to do this consistently with ease. It would be a crime not to have Neha shoot your special events. Not only are her photos beautiful, but she's also a really wonderful guest to have. I know that she will always be our number-one choice as photographer. Nobody else even comes close.
Review by Zubin & Sonja
Wedding date 16th Sep 2016
Neha is simply fantastic! We fell in love with her work when we saw the pictures she took at a friend's wedding. We knew right then that we had found the perfect wedding photographer! She knows how to capture the best moments.. the emotional moments, the funny moments, the grand moments - all of them! We cannot stop looking at the pictures she took at our wedding! In addition to her excellent quality of work, Neha is an incredibly delightful person! She got along so well with our family and friends, and was more of a friend than a photographer at our wedding. Neha also managed to give us over 100 incredible pictures just ONE day after the wedding as we wanted to play them on a screen at our reception dinner. In short, she's the best!
Review by Sonam & Praful
Wedding date 20th Jun 2016
We got in touch with Neha after seeing her god awesome snaps on Facebook and a recommendation by a dear friend. Boy did we make an incredible choice. They say the best things come in small packages and that couldn't be truer in Neha's case. Loaded with cameras that likely weigh more than her, she was a bundle of energy during the wedding. Polite, affable, and extremely good natured, we could easily convey to her what we wanted from our wedding photos and she came up with interesting suggestions for us. The final output was fabulous. We can't stop looking at some of the snaps a gazillion times. Not only are they perfect technically, Neha has the ability to bring out colours more rich than the actual event. How she does it, god knows but she is such a pro. Her ability to catch expressions and candid snaps is awesome - not only did we but our friends at wedding too happily made her pictures their display on Facebook! We would recommend Neha to anyone who wants to remember their wedding exactly like it happened (or perhaps in an even better manner!)
Review by Tanvi & Saurav
Wedding date 23rd Dec 2015
Let us start with the fact that Neha (and her assistant Staj) did an amazing job at capturing all the right moments at our wedding. She is a fantastic photographer and does an amazing job. My wife and I love reliving our wedding through her photos. What we really loved about Neha is her personality. She is so easy to get along with. There was a moment in our wedding when guests thought she was one of our old friends shooting the wedding for us! I think being comfortable with your photographer is one of the most important things, especially for a couple photo-shoot. I had imagined that it would be really awkward since I have never been in a shoot before. But that was totally not the case. She made my wife and I feel so comfortable throughout the shoot! Lastly, she is very quick to process and give your wedding photos. I have heard horror stories of people waiting forever to get their photos. I would highly recommend getting her to shoot your wedding :-)
Review by Arun & Amrita
Wedding date 18th Dec 2015
Our wedding has been perfectly encapsulated with memories that will last forever, thanks to Neha's wonderful photography skills! Throughout our journey, Neha captured moments both intimate and grand without ever seeming intrusive. She always had creative ideas of how to best represent a moment, with the photos all turning out beautiful, authentic and real rather than forced. For individual photos, we were always made to feel relaxed and at ease, and our best smiles brought forward and always lots of laughs. We couldn't imagine having better memories of our special time, so thank you Neha for giving that to us!
Review by Ritika & Rohan
Wedding date 23rd Nov 2015
Neha is a magician. Her photos tell beautiful stories. She is not a photographer who makes you pose for a picture. She just captures you in your best..when you are completely unaware. For a bride, Neha is a dream photographer to have, because she not only makes you feel like the most beautiful person on your D day, but also really makes you look like one in all her photos. I am saying this from first hand experience. You will see her bouncing around the venue, mingling with everyone and making every person feel important. (Just what you need on your big day). She is always bustling with energy that is so contagious. It's refreshing to be around her. I definitely highly recommend Neha Brackstone photography for all your special days
Review by Niyoti & Vinay
Wedding date 18th Dec 2011
Neha has an amazing eye for moments and the talent to match. I am not terribly camera-friendly which she was aware of and managed to take some amazing photos without me even realising it (or having the opportunity to make a fuss!) that my family and I treasure. She has lifelong fans in us and look forward to her photographing all our major life milestones!
Review by Disha & Gaurav
Wedding date 4th Dec 2011
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