Welcome to PhotoAlchemy!

The transformation of any matter into precious through photography is all that went into making and founding PhotoAlchemy.
It was started as a part of many small dreams and now intends on continuing capturing and working towards making the image experience superior.
Wedding PhotoJournalism ( Candid Wedding Photography)

PhotoAlchemy is the brainchild of Priyanka Daga, an award winning Photography graduate from Goldsmith’s University, London. It was inspired by a discussion with a cousin and friend and fuelled
by the quaint charm and aesthetics of the rundown coffee shop at Kolkata they were sitting in 2 years ago.

Priyanka has always looked for the unorthodox beauty in everything. She began discovering the magic of photography when she used it as a source of inspiration during her foundation course of design studies. She soon found that she could express the subtle elegance she saw in every object
and situation through photographs. Driven by the desire to find more beauty, unexpected truth and love in her frames, she decided that Photography was her true calling and did a Master's in Art
Photography at Goldsmiths University of London.

Priyanka is a true-blue Libran, indecisive but with a passion for a variety of things. A die-hard vegetarian, she is a big fan of her Mother and her family, and loves her dog Ferro. Work to her issimply about her camera and camera work!

Priyanka believes in living life “differently”. She remains true to her idea of finding beauty in unexpected places has a passion for amphibian and reptilian figures.

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Priyanka has been associated with wedding photography for over a decade now and is a well known name amongst her peers. There was absolutely no hesitation in choosing her when she offered to capture our wedding moments in what seemed like the best decision we made so far as the vendors were concerned. A thorough professional - she takes you through all the steps in a sequential manner, guiding you through each detail and being as open minded as one could be to a confused, yet over excited bride and groom-to-be. She's funny and her sense of humour sets you in a comfortable place where you can now trust an experienced professional. Additionally, what stands out in her is her sense of flexibility. She easily adapts to last minute change in plans and additional requests we put across. With brilliant quality pictures delivered within a few weeks of the wedding, there's nothing more that stands out like her creative sense of video making. We weren't so sure if video was a reasonable choice but hey thank God we listened- we still look at our wedding video and reminisce the fantastic 3 day event. We thank our stars for finding this creative artist who is now our friend and we therefore recommend her highly to anyone who's looking out for the perfect photographer for their big day ! Love to Priyanka and her team - Misha and Rishabh
Review by Misha and Rishabh
Wedding date 11th Dec 2017
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J.P.Nagar, 560078
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