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Jitesh Asha Suresh Raghuwanshi; residing in Surat India is a photographer, sportsman & nature lover. He was born and brought up in Surat and started enjoying sports in 1998. Since then, he has been playing basketball from school, college, city and university. He also found passion in body building and power lifting. He is professional power lifter and won several titles in state level. Professionally Jitesh first time went behind camera in 2008. He discovered passion for nature and how photography can express his feeling and vision for nature. He believes in capturing nature in its pure form, the reason why he does not believe in using any enhancing filters. Jitesh includes his mother’s and father’s name with his name, the reason he believes that parents can only love you truly and unconditionally. Jitesh has named his photography as - “Protogenic Portrayals”. Jitesh publishes his photographs on his blogs and community pages. He further wishes to start his own studio one day, witnessing his interest for fashion photography. Jitesh is highly spiritual and believe in God but not religion.

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