Rani Saheb

After the dress, hair & makeup are the defining features of any woman’s image, so it’s important to get them right. Finding the right person for this purpose can be the difference between divine and disaster. Rani Saheb (Faiz u'Nisa) is a connoisseur of all things beauty. With a passion for creativity, She have been involved in the Beauty industry since 5yrs.

Besides Diploma from London College of Makeup, she has been prepared by the global make-up experts like Tamanna Roshan, Rola Yousif, Shabeena Aslam and Nilo Haq. Her goal is for every client to look like themselves, just the 2.0 version with any beauty product provided!

Editorially, Faiz u'Nisa has worked on photo shoots, videos, commercial ads, fashion shows. Moreover she has a pleasure of working with national and international models, brands, photographers and designers. Not satisfied with just mastering bold and glamorous looks, she delved into hairstyling and bridal makeover.

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