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Royale Diamonds standards have been the measure of excellence for diamonds for more than 25 years. Here is jewelry of exquisite design and unparalleled beauty. The Unique approach of creativity, superb artistic brilliance with India's art & Cultural heritage are some of the elements that have made 'Royale Diamonds' a legendary house in Gems & Jewelley field. 'Royale Diamonds' is ardently devoted to acheiving new horizons in the art of Jewellery designing.

At Royale Diamonds you get the beauty and symbolism, capturing the essence of nature's magical metamorphosis through billions of years. Royale Diamonds is one of the most respected jewellery brands and it has played a pioneering role in introducing the benefits of branded jewellery to the Indian market. Royale Diamonds evokes powerful imagery in women's minds - mystery, brilliance, timeless beauty. Each Royale Diamonds jewellery is a timeless classic, an exquisite blend of traditional mystique and contemporary glamour.

Decades of treasuring the experience of handling, caressing and sharing the feelings of the gemstones are atomized into the unforgetable moments when we turn precious stones into living feminine beauty. Our Designs show remarkable confluence of oriental heritage and modernity of the west. The Jewels and Diamonds from 'Royale Diamonds' are known for the magical balance between their appreciation value and fluidity of forms and also for their sober matching of colours and grace of intricate details.
We invite you to browse our exciting new catalogues, replete with glamorous Royale Diamonds designs, iconic collections, new creations and exclusive gifts.Intriguing designs featuring "Royale" diamonds of superlative brilliance.

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