Silk, the Queen of Textiles, is the most elegant and most lustrous of all of earth's fibers. Silk is obtained naturally from the cocoon fibers after the silkworm turns into a moth. However, man interferes the life cycle of silkworm at the cocoon stage to obtain silk with rich quality .This means sacrifice of 2600 silkworms to get one pound of silk. Pesticides, gassing, hot water, chemicals are used by commercial silk farms in this process making it unethical.

Years of research on part of seri culturists has evolved Ethical, Organic, non-violent and a sustainable practice of silk cultivation. Saahaagika, a boutique for Organic and Ahimsa silks, promotes and encourages Seri culturists and the Tribals in this endeavor. Saahaagika, sources organic silks from Jharkhand Silk Textiles and Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited (Govt.of Jharkahand Undertaking) and Ahimsa silks from Kusuma Rajiaha, pioneer in Ahimsa silks.

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