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I enjoy photographing people, everyone is different and has a variety of emotions ! Weddings are one of the most wonderful things to witness on Earth; people are so happy, and the place is filled with amazing energy and emotions! Weddings are beautiful! Every wedding has its story and I try to capture it with my photography along with its vibrance.

It moves me when the couples are touched by the photos; its like a time machine with which you can travel back to those special moments where you know you are loved.

I was born in India to the backdrop of South West Monsoons (Edavappathi), I grew up in Kerala's rich cultural heritage. After my bachelors in Engineering, I  traveled to many countries and have lived in cities like Los Angeles, Boston, Delaware, Bangalore, Cochin and Prague.

I am based in Bangalore , and travel across Europe and Asia for photographic assignments.

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Meghna - It can be difficult to capture emotion digitally, but that's exactly what Saneesh has mastered. Incredibly Saneesh captured the intricate emotions and relationships that a wedding is full of but rarely are reflected in a photograph. Saneesh did an amazing job handling all 5 days of our wedding with such finesse that he really did become a part of the family. It also helps that he a really nice and down to earth guy so you feel comfortable to be yourself around him. The first time Andrew and I met Saneesh was for our couples shoot and right from get go it never felt like we were posing. We were ourselves and that's what Saneesh captured. The bottom line is we loved the photographs and couldn't be happier with the entire experience. Saneesh is easily one of the best photographers I have interacted with! Andrew- There are 2 areas that Saneesh has mastered, capturing emotion in a photograph and remaining camouflaged throughout the wedding. We can barely remember seeing him the whole evening, and still there are these beautiful photographs that emerged afterwards as if by magic. His keen eye was able to capture intricate, yet subtle moments, and transpose them into an image. After it’s all said and done, the pictures trigger euphoric reactions every time. We could not be more pleased with his work and would highly recommend him for any event. We feel very fortunate that we able to have him for our wedding events.
Review by Meghna & Andrew
Wedding date 30th Nov -0001
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