Sarita Mandoth

Sarita is a very fun loving person who is also disciplined in life, she is very particular about cleanliness both at work & home. She is a fast decision maker, & doesn’t keep anything pending for a long time. She also loves different cuisines.

One thing she can’t handle at all is Lies. And also because for her ability to make fast decisions, she expects the same from others & thus hates it when promises & commitments are not kept.

She is very talented, as is evident in her growth in the last 25years, as a wife, mother & a designer. She knows how to handle challenges very well, like as if it comes to her naturally.

Sarita manages the women’s store which deals in both Western & Indian ensembles. Along with her trustee team of designers & artisans, she has taken women’s fashion into a new era. She has a very chic & classy look to her collections that is bound to mesmerize anyone who just gives it a glance.

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# 36, Dickenson Road, Bangalore-560042