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Sri Krishna Diamonds is a treasure trove for the diehard diamond enthusiasts, desirous of exotic jewellery. Every design at our store is heartbreakingly beautiful, waiting to unleash the luster, sheen and glean of our fabulous and very cultured clients. The essential and inalienable philosophy behind our designs is to create exceptional jewellery that enhances not only the beauty of our diamonds, but also the wearer. Sri Krishna gives optimum weightage to the glamour and romance of contemporary fashion trend and also ensures the enduring aspects of the jewellery. Acquiring a piece jewellery from Sri Krishna means an ownership of a precious stone which not only travel with the entire life of the buyer but also travel with generations to come.

At Sri Krishna, all the diamonds go through a foolproof in-house quality check prior to mounting by highly qualified graduate gemologists with several years of experience who certify the authenticity and integrity of diamonds and remove the faintest clue of suspicion or adulteration.

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