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Established in 1965 the name has always been synonymous with excellence in designing and crafting exceptionally fine jewellery with their imaginative vision and manufacturing expertise.

Right from the onset a distinguishing factor has been their courage to create bold and innovative designs by employing the latest techniques of manufacturing to create pieces of impeccable finish and workmanship.

Surendra & co constantly endeavours to create jewellery that is perfect in all aspects so much so that it is a matter of pride and privilege to possess a creation from Surendra making it a collector’s item. Surendra’s designs are crafted with a flare and passion that draws on classic techniques and translates into uniquely imaginative jewellery, with that renowned classic touch that blends both the modern and the timeless. The design philosophy at Surendra & co. can be summed in one phrase “contemporary classic”.

Surendra & co design studio comprises of a group of highly talented creative individuals who are driven by the very nature of the creative and adventurous spirit to explore hitherto unchartered territories with the freedom and liberty to visualize concepts and hone them to a level of perfection. Finished designs from the studio go to the product development cell which is a specialized section of the production department. Every piece of jewellery is manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen who with their native ingenuity, legendary skills and innovative manufacturing with attention paid even to the minute’s details, so as to satisfy the most discerning eye. Maintaining the have been the imaginative force in designing and manufacturing

Unpided personal attention a care is endowed in assortment and selection of highest quality of diamonds popularly graded as DEF colour with IF VVS 1 clarity.

At the risk of sounding boastful though the claim may sound we pride yourself in the fact we are amongst the select few jewellers who persevere to maintain self imposed high stringent standards of excellence with unwavering consistency.

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