Tbz Nirmal Zaveri

Presenting the man who has adorned many a discerning client of the city. He is known as one with a fanatic quest for perfection. For nearly three decades, he is the person who has designed Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri’s masterpieces; as well as had a fair hand in shaping its success.

Coming from a family of fine lineage, which has preserved the art of immaculate craftsmanship, Nirmal Zaveri did not rest on what came to him as inheritance. Nirmal Zaveri, took a step that was considered daring by launching his own jewellery salon TBZ-Nirmal Zaveri, clearly stating his desire to show the world that when you believe in yourself, you can touch the heights.

Nirmal Zaveri, went only further. Beyond carrying the impeccable tradition ahead, he chose to take the mantle of a creator by putting his vivid imaginations and translating the inspiration he drew from varied elements; elements that escape the artless eye.

The result was a stunning signature collection, imbued in high creative energy.

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