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Hello Beauties! I am Muskaan Suman.

I started my professional makeup artistry business, Makeover by Muskaan Suman. I have a background in Modelling and Acting industry . When I tell people my background I'm always asked, how did you end up in makeup with that type of background? Truth be told the two aren't that different. They both bring out the best in you, make you feel good about yourself. Having a career in Modelling industry i meet different people, and I really appreciate how people carry themselves. I love makeup specially how it works for each one of us. Having a business in makeup allows me to help women enhance their features and build the confidence they need to face this world, by giving them beauty tips for every day, or making them feel like royalty on their wedding day.

Now that I have given you a little bit about me, let me tell you about my business. I am here to service all your beauty needs. If you're looking for special occasion makeup for that engagement session, wedding, birthday, headshot, or a date night, book me as your makeup artist.

Having a keen eye for beauty and driven by the vision to ensure one feels at their prime from a few magical strokes of her brush, Muskaan Suman's work reflects both glamour and allure. Paired with her natural ability to draw out the best version of oneself, Muskaan is a certified make-up artist from the renowned Kajol R Passwan Academy.

Now specializing in Bridal and Party Make-up Artistry, Hair-styling and Drapping in various techniques, Muskaan has enlivened her dreams. She has an astounding ability to level with her clientele, bring their vision to life. Her unworldly precision and attention-to-detail are sure to leave one completely content with the final product.

"Follow your heart, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice but Never let anyone limit your dreams"

~Muskaan Suman

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