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Preparing for the Big Fat Indian Wedding can be a tedious job, especially when one does not have hired help. Without experienced vendors to assist you, brides, grooms and their families can soon end up frustrated. This is where weddingsonline India comes into the picture.

Launched in 2012, this portal provides an ideal one stop shop for brides and grooms to retrieve information related to bridal products and vendor services, in the shortest amount of time. Consider us as your web-based wedding planner that provides a platform for your family to make wedding reservations or find information on registered vendors, with the simple click of a mouse. Thus, no more tedious task of information gathering! Consider us as your comparative analysis support system to assist you throughout your wedding planning and preparation. We take into account your budget and preferences along with updated and current market pricing to match you with the best vendors near you.

Welcome to India's newest online wedding community!

weddingsonline.in is an easy, enjoyable way for engaged couples to plan their wedding in India. If it's to do with weddings, you can bet weddingsonline India has it! Our beautiful wedding blog offers daily inspiration and ideas for everything wedding related, from the latest bridal fashion, beauty and wedding decor trends to celebrity wedding news!

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You can be sure to find the right supplier for your big day among our online selection of wedding professionals. Our wedding directory houses over 1,000s of wedding vendors, including wedding venues, wedding jewellers, wedding caterers, wedding photographers, beauty parlours and many many more.

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