Royal Heritage Haveli Jaipur

Carrying forward a glorious legacy of elegance & hospitality since the seventeen hundreds, we have the ideal setting for your intimate celebrations. We are forever enthusiastic to render our assistance to you for a memorable celebration, be it for your happily ever after or a milestone anniversary. Our enchanting lawns and luxurious banquets are the best venues to create those one-in-a-million memories and build stronger bonds with your loved ones. With a capacity of 600 guests, the Khatipura Bagh along with our expeditious & delectable catering services stands out as the most quintessential venue to host your dream wedding. The front and poolside lawns with an approximate capacity of a hundred guests, serve as an exceptional venue for the most perfect and intimate musical evening and cocktail party with your dear ones.

We assure you to make your evening glorious with our unique services and love, serving your family like ours. The banquet hall with an approximate capacity of 60 guests, endowed with a sense of calm, is ideal for a private gathering with family and friends. Surrounded by the recherché interiors, immerse yourself along with those close to your heart in the moments that you will cherish for life.You can customise a gourmet dinner for your guests from our piquant vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus, and our expert chefs will cater to you flawlessly as you enjoy your special day with your special people. Our extremely creative decorators can save you from the puzzlement of choosing between pastels pink or royal blue backdrops, mirror wall hangings or voile, and turn your dream celebration into reality.

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