Shreya Deshmukh Makeup Artist

Shreya Deshmukh is a popular bridal makeup artist in the city of Pune, Maharashtra. Well experienced and genuinely passionate about what she does, Shreya gives every bride a stunning and sensational look for what is one of the most important days of her life, working with utmost precision. Her expertise combined with the thorough knowledge she has of the latest trends and techniques doing the rounds in the industry, make her a fantastic option if you are looking for a bridal makeup artist in or around Pune. Also she works worldwide

Time and again, Shreya been praised by previous clients, receiving a steady flow of spectacular reviews. She has developed a loyal clientele in the process. She is loved for not just her mind-blowing skills, but her overall quality of service, her sincerity, and her professionalism. She creates magic with each of her looks and pours her heart and soul into her work, ensuring a seamless experience. Based on the bride’s outfit, the vibe of the event, and the bride’s preferences, she creates customised makeup looks for one and all.

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