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10 Unexpected Wedding Costs to Account for in Your Budget

Here are the top 10 unexpected wedding costs uncovered and explained right for you. Make sure to include these hidden costs in your wedding budget ASAP.

7 Things That Always Happen at Indian Weddings

Indian brides, grooms and wedding guests will easily relate to our humorous take on these 7 situations which happen only in Indian weddings. Nowhere in the world will you get to see these hilarious 'events'. As they say..."we are like this only!"...

6 Colourful Pre Wedding Rituals Of Punjabis

Punjabi weddings are known for their exuberant and boisterous celebrations. Interestingly, the celebrations begin days in advance, and the pre wedding rituals are as classy and elaborate as the wedding itself.

Ideas For A Harry Potter Themed Wedding

Always wanted to have a harry potter themed Indian wedding? Well, now you can. Read our tips to get inspired.

Top 5 Indian Wedding Planners

There goes a Tamil saying according to which planning and conducting a marriage is like constructing a building. But, then why over-stressing yourself over a wedding when you are supposed to enjoy every moment of it? There comes our top 5 Indian wedding planners.

6 Wedding Gifts A Couple Does Not Want!

There are some wedding gifts that Indian couples-to-be are tired of receiving. If you are a wedding guest who is about to go gift shopping, then these 6 items should be off your list!