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Charming Wedding Rituals of Kashmir

The valleys of Kashmir are literally and poetically considered heaven on earth. They captivate and mesmerise us not just for its picturesque locales but for the warmth of the people who live there. Steeped in fascinating customs and culture, the time-honoured traditions of Kashmir are equally interesting. The wedding rituals followed by the people of Kashmir while having certain subtle similarities to traditions followed in other parts of India, are so distinctive and interesting. Though most Kashmiris are Muslims; there is a community of Hindus as well, known as Kashmiri Pandits. Here’s a look at some of heart-warming wedding rituals ... Read more

Significance of Saptapadi or Saat pheras

Hindu wedding is not a contract but a holy union of husband and wife who pledge to devote all that they have for each other and their family....

6 Colourful Pre Wedding Rituals Of Punjabis

Punjabi weddings are known for their exuberant and boisterous celebrations. Interestingly, the celebrations begin days in advance, and the pre wedding rituals are as classy and elaborate as the wedding itself.

Top Pre-Wedding Customs In North Indian Weddings

India is a land of traditions and customs and that’s probably one reason why there’s a ceremony to herald all auspicious occasions. A North Indian wedding is a beautiful ceremony to witness and there are many smaller ceremonies that are held before the main ceremony. Here is a peek into the different pre-wedding customs that are part of a North Indian wedding: Mangni/Sagai Image courtesy Confetti Films Image courtesy Camera Crew The Sagai or engagement can take place days or even months before the actual wedding. Usually, the sagai is held in the presence of family members, friend and other ... Read more