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Pre-Bridal Hair Care Tips

Bill Cosby once said: Grey hair is God’s Graffiti, but you certainly do not want greys on your wedding day! We hope these tips help address your hair-issues.....

Wedding Therapists And You- Part 3

A wedding therapist is more than just a counselor- she can be a guide who will hold your hand as you enter a new phse in life. Click here to find out more.

How to Choose a Wedding Saree- Part 4

Read on for more handy tips on how to choose the perfect wedding saree for you!

How to Choose a Wedding Saree- Part 3

We continue to give you more tips on how to choose a wedding saree for both day and night time events.

Should You Wear Contact Lenses On Your Wedding Day?

A question many brides and grooms face on their wedding day- should they wear glasses or contact lenses on the Wedding day. Our guest blogger from GlassesOn Web explores the pros and cons.....